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Pirogue tahitienne

La Polynésie, terre de mystère

Polynesians were exceptional sailors. They used to build large, fast and elegant outrigger sailing canoes, known to be modern catamarans’ ancestor.
Polynesians discovered and populated the myriad of islands that make up the great Polynesian Triangle, which spreads from New Zealand and Easter Island in the South to the Hawaiian Islands in the North.

"Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?"

This magnificent title chosen by painter Paul Gauguin for one of his major symbolic paintings could poetically describe the enigma of the Polynesians’ origin.

Although an Asian origin is generally admitted to be the most likely, other hypotheses are not excluded.

Expeditions such as the Kon-Tiki tried to demonstrate a possible migration from South or North America or even Viking.

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